Bahá’ís may request to come for a brief visit to the Holy Land.  Whatever the purpose of their travel to Israel, Bahá’ís must have the permission of the Universal House of Justice for their visit.  Brief visits to the Bahá’í World Centre generally include three nights in the ‘Akká/Haifa area.

There is no organised programme for brief visitors.  They may visit the Holy Shrines during the hours they are open to Bahá’ís, in addition to the hours they are open to the public.  They may also have a guided visit to the Seat of the Universal House of Justice, the International Teaching Centre Building, and the Centre for the Study of the Texts.  Further, if their time here includes a Saturday afternoon during the pilgrimage season, they may visit the Mansion of Bahjí, the Bahjí Pilgrim House, and the Junayn Garden on that day.  Should a visit to the World Centre coincide with a pilgrimage programme, brief visitors would be welcome to attend the informal evening sessions and the farewell programme for pilgrims.  However, pilgrimage activities during the day are for pilgrims only.